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SmartSheet is similar to Microsoft Excel, but has the decisive advantage of a central database and focus on online collaboration.

Despite existing PPM tools, many stakeholders still work with Excel worksheets to this day. They are used for functions such as project resource and capacity planning, task lists, reports, line planning, and much more. Completely understandable since the complexity of many existing tools is an initial hurdle that results in low user acceptance. Additionally, online collaboration solutions are often not very well developed.

However, the fact that the important data for PPM is decentralized (network drives, email distributions, . . . ) makes managing through dependable portfolio data almost impossible.

SmartSheet can be fully integrated with “Tempus Resource“, if sophisticated resources and capacity planning as well as simulation are important to your organization.

SmartSheet is the ideal tool for project leaders, entire project teams, and portfolio and resource managers with large teams to:

  • …improve project organization at a central location for all parties involved in short order.

  • …make sound decisions with data that is consistently up-to-date.

  • …save time in routine tasks.

  • …include large groups in project work quickly.

Project planning made easy.
This is where SmartSheet stands apart from the large PPM tools: intuitive project and time schedules, to-do lists, Gantt charts as well as agile projects with kanban or scrum board – all on the same interface with the same project. Data resides in the Cloud and is therefore accessible to everyone via laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Integrating customers or suppliers into a project is only 2 clicks away.
Task tracking
Often, the real task lists run separately from actual project planning since most PPM tools do not have the flexibility to insert or manage task lists or allow users to collaborate on them. In SmartSheet, task lists can be linked to every project and meet the expectations of all project leaders. This enables you to set clear responsibilities for yourself and your employees, improve prioritization, and ensure that nothing is overlooked.
Centrally filed resources can be directly selected and assigned for every task / responsibility. Resource assignment is more precise across the project, you can concentrate on priorities, and since everyone knows what they are supposed to do, the work of your project teams runs smoothly. But planning of line activities also benefits from a centrally accessible database. Integration with portfolio management tools for simulation and scenario analysis – e.g. such as Tempus Resource– is available “out of the box”.
Flexible application for every initiative
Through numerous sophisticated functions and few static defaults, SmartSheet can be used in a broad range of application scenarios.
Manage complex projects including all details and visualize tasks and responsibilities as needed in Gantt, map, or calendar view. Structure your projects according to the waterfall model including critical path, or as hybrid and agile projects and use SmartSheet for product launches, sprint planning, onboarding, and much more. A project can thus be planned with maps and Gantt chart simultaneously.
Automation and authorization concept
Standardize workflows and processes with automated routine tasks such as update requests and approval workflows. Create more time for what is important!
Attach files & discussions in context
Gather all relevant information, documents, and discussions in one location by attaching these in the context of the respective task. You can attach additional documents to every project, phase, or even task. This ensures that all project employees are on the same level of knowledge.
Dashboards, portals and audit-proof historization
Keep management, customers, and PMO up to date. All important data is available in real time via easy-to-configure, widget-based views and dashboards. No more meetings with “stale” data!
See what changes have been made by whom and when anytime, regardless of whether in worksheets, reports, or dashboards.
Integrations and Connectors
We know that in the IT world, there is not one single platform that is a universal solution, one that meets every possible need and requirement. SmartSheet therefore seamlessly works together with your preferred developers of business tools and apps via “Smartsheet RESTful API”. The most important integrations are already available as standard connectors: example: ServiceNow, Jira, Tempus Resource.
Benefit from encryption of your data, during transmission as well as storage in diverse datacenters with state-of-the art security mechanisms.
Control access to individual sheets and single fields with a secure approval process.

Why we recommend SmartSheet.

The era of alleged “all around solution” PPM tools is over. Today, companies and even individual departments have to address continually changing requirements in a completely customized way. The project landscape is becoming increasingly more heterogeneous – and that is a good thing. Because only in this way can companies attain a decisive competitive advantage. But volume and speed are also rapidly increasing. All this requires a lean approach and tools that immediately support all employees, but also foster use and not just administrative effort and tedious training.

SmartSheet is a tool developed precisely for this requirement, as it can be “quietly” integrated into ongoing operations. It replaces Excel worksheets although employees can continue working the same as they did with Excel. No expensive customizations, implementations, and training sessions. All employees familiar with Excel can work directly with SmartSheet. The crucial difference: you can stay on top of things since all sheets are saved in a central database.

Jira and/or ServiceNow are used by most comanies – for good reason. Starting at a certain organizational size, Tempus Resource is the tool for directing all resources and the entire portfolio with simulations and scenario analyses. Any gaps that may still exist in the tool landscape nonetheless are filled by SmartSheet, the way Excel did in the past. Many customers are already using the integrations to these tools. We call it Lean PPM.

  • Real utility for project leaders and teams.
  • Intuitive through Excel affiliation.
  • Central database for all sheets.
  • Intuitive, dynamic, and interactive.
  • PMO and multi-project management.
  • Mid-term resource requirement planning.
  • Mobile SmartSheet app.
  • Jira, ServiceNow, Tempus Resource integration.
  • Open API.


Overview of our services
  • SmartSheet implementation (end-to-end)

    We take care of everything. From appropriate licensing, technical equipment, optimal configuration, to employee training.

  • SmartSheet training for all employees

    We offer on-site training and “remote” training tailored to a specific user group.

  • Best practice workshops and process consulting

    Optimization and best practices. For customers who want to implement SmartSheet now or are already using SmartSheet. Get the most out of your Smart-Sheets.