Tempus Resource by ProSymmetry – an experienced partnership. 15 years of professional PPM consulting and THE solution for Lean PPM 2020: Tempus Resource (Gartner Cool Vendor 2016).

Project and portfolio management (PPM) is in transition, as is the PPM tool market. The project environment is becoming increasingly more heterogeneous (agility, hybrid, waterfall), faster-paced, and more dynamic. Consequently, process and project execution / organization also have to become more dynamic and flexible. For the last 5 years, Eportis has noticed a large deficit in the PPM tool market for a product that allows customers to respond to these requirements with the same degree of flexibility and dynamism. What we find at most companies are PPM tools that have close to zero user acceptance and are almost exclusively used for accounting, time recording, and reporting.

As early as 5 years ago, we declared resource management (as PPM discipline) of primary importance for PPM 2020. Because dynamism and speed require reaction capability. And this is exactly where you need transparency in terms of deployed resources and skills. The functional groundwork for this has already been done, and many renowned customers are already using best practice Resource Portfolio Management (RPM) . In the sense of “process first”. But for implementation, our customers also need one or more right tools. Traditional PPM tools did not provide enough flexibility, nor did they adequately cover resource management – as key discipline – for all stakeholders.

In 2015, we found Tempus Resource by ProSymmetry on the US market. This tool provides everything you need for lean project, resource, and portfolio management from a functional and operational standpoint. Especially the simulation opportunities far exceeded our expectations. Additionally, in vision matching with management, we immediately recognized that the tool would be further developed in precisely the right direction. Specifically, not into another PPM giant, but into a lean solution for the age of digital business.

Since then, we have worked together on many successful customer projects, proof-of-concepts (PoC), and implementations. Customer focused collaboration that is lived as dynamically and flexibly as our environment prescribes. Successful PoC’s and implementations at companies and organizations doing business worldwide are completed within several days (PoC) and weeks (implementations). Together with ProSymmetry, we are developing Tempus Resource into the PPM solution for Lean PPM 2020. You, too, can transform your PPM and benefit from two companies that make you and your requirements the center of attention.

No other partner has completed more successful implementations globally and has more satisfied customers than Eportis. Take advantage of this alliance.


Currently, the global PPM Tool market includes approx. 200 tools. In their philosophy and thereby “code”, most tools were created from individual project management or multi-project management. Over the years, the tool was equipped with more and more functionalities (generally by customer request), creating yet another giant featuring all possible PPM functionalities. Hardly any customer uses all available functions.
But no developers oriented their philosophy from the beginning on the ever-present problem of resource management of large organizations. Even though countless Excel sheets are circulating there and a PPM tool has been implemented. The philosophy of Tempus Resource is not to be the tool for EVERYTHING, but to be the tool that enables portfolio management to do its job: a reliable and sustainable minimum standard of data in reference to all projects and resources with enough flexibility to allow all stakeholders to perform their operating activities via the best way possible (Jira, ServiceNow, MS Project, etc.).
Had we not found Tempus Resource, we presumably would have created our own developer team to finally fill this void.



    Go and test Tempus Resource with your own data in a secure environment. Within one day we import all your spreadsheets.


    A PoC has never been that easy. Scoping, importing spreadsheets and testing your individual use-cases.


    Together with ProSymmetry we scrutinize requirments from a technical perspective and utilize best-practices. No blind cusomizing.


    So far, we never missed to find a solution that meets our customers’ business needs. 

  • 1st and 2nd LEVEL SUPPORT

    You’re missing a feature or detecting a bug, no metter whom you contact, we’re there – together.

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