Test Tempus Resource

Either with a demo database or you import your own data via Excel.

A real resource and portfolio management tool that is also outstanding for operative planning and data entry for project leaders. Open API, plug-and-play with MS Project Server as well as JIRA or ServiceNow interface. You’ve been using Excel!? Then you can work here as well – with the crucial difference of a central database and all features for simulations and “what-if” scenarios. With the new time sheet, it has already replaced the large-scale PPM tool for many customers and provides everything you need in lean PPM 2020.

Line planning
Line planning is the feature that puts Tempus Resource in a class of its own. Everyone is familiar with Excel sheets, which are used by most department or team leaders today for resource planning although a PPM tool is already implemented. The reason: PPM tools are not intuitive and cost department managers more time than they provide benefit. The result is shadow accounting, no central database, and therefore no transparency. Tempus provides all Excel functions with the addition of a scenario tool.
Swarm organization
Successful resource management starts with being able to define capacities at 100% and to manage on a single resource. Line planning must be as transparent as project planning. Roles and skills ultimately make it possible to create a real swarm organization . This can only produce benefits if you have a central database for it and a system that is capable of conquering these challenges.
Simulations and scenarios
Via so-called “models” you can analyze productive real data and execute simulations in real time. Directly see the impacts of new projects or resolve resource bottlenecks via cross departmental and multi site resource management. Feasibility and forecasting on a project and portfolio level Today more than ever, portfolio managers have to deliver answers – and this is only possible if they have the right tool that not only supports simulations, but also provides scenario comparison.
Portfolio management
Thanks to a central database for all resource and project data as well as budget calculation capability, portfolio management with Tempus Resource allows you to carry out portfolio simulations. All on a playing field that does not change real life operating data. You can create informative dashboards that show the impact of new projects, prioritizations, or employees. With full transparency, the best project positions and available capacities in other departments can be easily determined.
Project planning and control in a multi-project environment
So-called “models” allow you to analyze real production data and execute simulations in real time. See the impact of new projects or resolve resource bottlenecks through cross-departmental resource management via virtual swarm organization. Feasibility and forecasting on a project and portfolio level. Everything a portfolio manager needs for control and planning.
Time sheet and track recording
By now, most customers use Tempus Resource not only for resource management, but also as lean PPM tool for resource management, project planning and control, portfolio control and planning as well as for simulations and what-if scenarios. The new time sheet (Fall of 2017) for intuitive track recording by employees completes the Lean PPM Tool 2020. You only define the periods and timeframes in which employees need to report back. The out-of-the-box approval workflow of reported hours to the supervisor creates governance. Also for the remaining cost estimate and project and portfolio forecasting. Now available via APP.
Data import and integration thanks to open API
Tempus Resource not only features open API, but also provides standard interfaces for a number of well-known PPM tools. Are you using JIRA or ServiceNow? Interaction between JIRA and Tempus Resource for the desired resource allocation is no longer a problem. Excel-based entry directly via the UI via drag-and-drop is also possible. Especially when it comes to capacity planning and line planning, which are generally done in Excel, this is a real plus. Go ahead and try it out for yourself.

Why we recommend Tempus Resource to our customers.

Tempus Resource allows our customers to finally do away with shadow accounting and get a handle on resource management. It provides real value to line supervisors and resource managers which, in comparison to most PPM tools, was never the focus of the manufacturers or tool implementation.

Tempus Resource closes the gap and can also be used as stand-alone lean PPM. If a PPM tool has already been implemented, it certainly earns it right to exist for invoicing, potentially time and activity recording, project management, and contract management. If our customers wish to evaluate a new PPM tool or replace an existing tool since they have now implemented JIR/ServiceNow, Tempus Resource is the ideal solution.

  • Lean stand-alone PPM.
  • Real value for resource managers.
  • End of shadow accounting.
  • Simulations and what-if scenarios.
  • Swarm organization with roles & skills.
  • High cost reduction potential.
  • Mid-term resource requirement planning.
  • JIRA, ServiceNow, etc. can be fully integrated.
  • Open API.


What we offer
  • Tesmpus Resource Implementations (End-to-End)

    We take care of everything. From RPM design to appropriate licensing, technical equipment, and optimal configuration all the way to employee training.

  • Tempus Resource Trainings für alle Mitarbeiter

    Training for all. We offer on-site training and “remote” training tailored to a specific user group.

  • Best Practice Workshops and process consulting

    Process and database optimiation through best practices For customers who wish to implement Tempus Resource now or are already using it. Get the functional maximum from your RPM.

Tempus Resource was named “Cool Vendor 2016” for PPM solutions by Gartner.

“ProSymmetry provides a resource management solution accessible to the masses. With multiple Gartner evidence points showing Resource Management is a serious concern for virtually all organizations, any vendor that provides a tool or service to enable better Resource Management is Cool.

Robert Handler, VP Distinguished Analyst, Gartner
Cool Vendors in Project Portfolio Management, 2016

Gartner_Cool_Vendor_Tempus Resource