Lean PPM und Ressourcenmanagement

In our webinars, you can watch the implementation of a real Resource Portfolio Management (RPM) or, for example, how a swarm organization is managed in the first place.

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Tempus Resource (Gartner 2016 PPM Cool Vendor):

The new PPM 2020 is Resource Portfolio Management (RPM) and is connected to HR

What are the professional requirements for a Lean PPM Tool 2020? The number of initiatives, requests, and changes is constantly rising, but available resources and skills are increasingly becoming more limited. Supply on the job market is also consistently diminishing. What this means is that available employees and capabilities have to be implemented more efficiently. The right resources for the right projects. But that requires transparency and knowing which employees with what skills are working on which project at what priority. The connection to the HR plan is increasingly more important. Get a handle on your resource management. Many customers have already replaced their PPM tool with Tempus Resource, since it features a time sheet and the most important functionalities of project management.
PPM Tempus Resource

Swarm organization and PPM 2020

Digitalization changes markets and, especially, customer behavior. In dynamic competition, companies must be increasingly in a position to act and react quickly to unforeseen developments. There has to be more SPEED. But are traditional hierarchies able to find answers to these demands? We say “no”! The key success factor is transparency in terms of employees, utilization, and capacities. You have to staff cross-functional projects and assemble temporary teams. Swarm organization (as initiated and managed by Daimler CEO Zetsche himself) and horizontal networking of all employees will dominate PPM 2020. Standards, project management certifications, as well as PPM tools will fade into the background or obsolescence. We address this topic and show what is important.

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