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Break the silos, utilize your swarm organization



The new PPM focus



Tools in a completely new context



The PPM process adaptable by the entire organization



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Gartner: "ProSymmetry provides a resource management solution accessible to the masses"


Lean Project Management in der Cloud.


Agile PPM

  • More Projects and Demands
  • More Speed
  • Higher Quality
  • Skill Shortage
  • Agile Organization
  • Skill Management
  • Capacity Management
  • DevOps, AI and IoT

  • More projects

  • Greater speed

  • Higher quality

  • Shortage of skilled workers

  • Agile organization

  • Skill management

  • Capacity planning

  • DevOps, AI, and IoT

  • Agile projects

  • Portfolio prioritization

  • Process jungle

  • Excel sheets and junk data


With their available employees, IT organizations or companies with a high number of IT projects, have to handle more projects, and thereby more changes, at a faster pace in order to remain competitive and meet customer requests. How can this be achieved without expanding number of employees and capacities accordingly?
The answer: by allocating available employees more efficiently and with better prioritization. This requires transparency in the sense of a „Single-Point-Of-Truth“ across all resources and initiatives (project and line) on a central database as well as a lean process.
Today, speed is one of the most important competitive factors, and the matrix organization one of its greatest impediments. Silos are static formations that hardly allow for flexibility or reaction capability. The organization must become more agile – in a first step „only“ virtually.
The solution is functional resource portfolio management (RPM) – PPM 2020.


  • Central database - ``Single-Point-of-Truth``

  • Lean PPM process

  • Capacity management

  • Agile organization

  • Lean tool solutions and what-if-simulations

  • Strategic HR-plan

  • Management attention

AGILE PPM (Gartner)

Gartner Statement:

„A tsunami of change is engulfing every aspect of PPM disciplines. With the advent of digital transformation, applications, data in the cloud, and the Internet of Things (IoT), many PPM capabilities, skills and standard practices are already being rendered obsolete. Concern about this obsolescence on the part of PPM leaders is not enough. They will not find a broad highway to the future. Pioneers and trailblazers will be needed. If they are to survive, PPM leaders must take up their axes and set off into the trackless wilderness of the new digital age, partnering with others. Innovative thought, experimentation and best practices that move beyond the comfy certainties of one-size-fits-all are what’s needed.“

Gartner: „Where your PPM Career won´t be in 2020“.

Agile PPM & Digital Business

Digital business is pounding current PPM standards with the force of change of a tsunami and is not only pulverizing implemented processes and tools, but also making it impossible to control the company. Companies have to react to these changes with agility – and that can only be achieved with transparency. Without compromises.

Gartner’s Magic Hype Cycle predicts potential utility for „Agile Frameworks“ (e.g. SAFe) only after 5-10 years (if at all). The most important basis, however, is missing – resource management.

Acute shortage of skilled personnel will become ever-present in the next few years. Studies indicate that in 2-4 years, only 40% of demand for employees with modern technology knowhow can be covered.

The critical path of all initiatives is increasingly determined by resources, their availability and capabilities. Unlimited or „unintentional“ externalization presents an ever greater business risk. Conscious in and outsourcing decisions, training measures, and a strategic personnel plan should have been prepared long ago.