«Do you know „on what“ „which resource“ is working with „which skills“ and at „what priority level“?»

And all that in real time?

Resource management

Central Database

Despite a PPM solution, most companies do not manage their data with the required degree of updating or granularity. However, these are the most important drivers for control and flexibility. We are referring to project data (minimum standard) and resource data.
Three important elements must be consistently covered: 1. Supply (master resource data, gross capacities, absenteeism, resource profiles including role definition and skills), 2. Demand (all activities that require capacities such as projects, line activities, basic loads, or changes) and 3. Time tracking as basis of forecasting (reported times for all initiatives listed in #2).

Lean Process

Existing PPM processes do not allow for speed and are only rarely understood and lived by employees. The two-step best practice process by Eportis focuses precisely on this problem and enforces governance. The process is completely independent of implementation (agile, hybrid, waterfall), purposefully does not contain a project phase model, and is the enabler of speed, communication, motivation, and transparency for our customers.
Clear responsibilities, flexibility for all forms of implementation (projects, line activities, changes, etc.) and an embedded authorization protocol make this process the backbone of resource portfolio management.

Lean PPM Tool

From the technical standpoint of the tools, you ultimately have to be able to not only display the central database and processes, but also to implement them intuitively and flexibly. We therefore do not predict a rosy future for large-scale PPM tools since they are not well accepted, have great complexity, and are not flexible enough to respond to the demands of digital business – especially with regard to resources.
We searched for solutions for our customers and found end-to-end solutions that meet the respective requirement focus. Whether this focus includes resource management, project management, or both – we find the perfect solution. What is remarkable is that none is complex and can be implemented within just a few days or weeks.

Our Services

In just a few weeks to PPM 2020

The introduction of resource portfolio management is much easier and faster than most of our customers had expected. Depending on the size of the company, it takes between 2 and 8 weeks to implement all functional, technical, and process-oriented requirements. Furthermore, it makes economic sense and gives your organization a competitive edge by allowing you to address more issues faster.


All our solutions embody the expertise Eportis has acquired from several hundred customer projects in all industry sectors. This knowhow saves our customers a lot of time. Failed further development or the wrong focus, coupled with a powerful PPM tool, easily costs an organization 10 years until it reaches productivity (e.g. agile frameworks) – if it ever attains it at all.


The focus of our consulting and our approach is always the application for the business model and the culture of our customer.
  • Introduction of RPM - tailored to your requirements

  • Training of Resource Portfolio Manager

  • Skill management and role concept (primary and secondary structure)

  • Process design

  • Tool evaluation and optimization of tool landscape



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